About the project

What kind of service is it?

This service lets you encrypt text messages so that they cannot be decrypted and read before a predefined date.

How secure is this kind of protection?

We use the encryption algorithms 1024-bit RSA and 128-bit AES, which are considered secure enough in most cases.

What if someone hacks your web site?

Even if our web site is hacked, it still will be impossible to decrypt the messages before the respective predefined dates. That's because no secret keys are stored on the TellYouLater.com server, which gets secret keys via several intermediaries.

Are unencrypted messages sent over the Internet?

No, they are not. Neither the original message nor the encrypted one is sent over the Internet. The encryption is done right on your computer. However, if you click the URL-shortening button, the encrypted message will be sent over the Internet. You can see the warning near that button.

How does it work?

We use asymmetric encryption. It means that the data is encrypted using a public key, and can be decrypted only if you have the corresponding secret key. For each hour in the next few years, our system has a pair of keys, a public one and a secret one. While all public keys are openly available, the secret keys are posted only when the time comes. Select a moment in time; a respective open key will be retrieved from our web site, and your message will be encrypted. To decrypt your message, a secret key will have to be obtained from our server. If that key hasn't been published yet, the decryption of the message will be impossible.

Something doesn't work?

Please contact us via this contact form. We appreciate any feedback.

How can I help this project?

You can help us and other users by translating our project into your native language. If you have any ideas on improving and/or developing our project, please feel free to contact us.